Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Matt Climie 2011-12 Mask

Matt Climie of the Vancouver Canucks (training camp) was born February 11, 1983 in Leduc, AB.

Obviously these pads and mask were based on a previous team.

Eddie Lack 2011-12 Mask

Eddie Lack of the Vancouver Canucks (or he was in training camp anyway.) (Born January 5, 1988 in Sweden.) And yes, that's all says...born in Sweden.

Jonas Gustavsson 2011-12 Mask

Jonas Gustavsson of the Toronto Maple Leafs (born Oct. 24, 1984 in Danderyd, Sweden.)

Artist: David Gunnarsson

From the artist: "I have painted for the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonas Gustavsson since he was a kid. It is an honor for me to follow a goalie through his career and evolve the mask designs from year to year."

Curtis McElhinney 2011-12 Mask

Curtis McElhinney of the Phoenix Coyotes (born May 23, 1983 in London, ON.)

McElhinney was called up when Mike Smith was injured in December, and he came into the game in relief of LaBarbera on 12/26/11. I have no official photos yet. These are just screen captures, but I can tell it's different than what he wore in training camp.

During training camp, McElhinney was wearing his Ottawa mask from last season (which was also his Calgary mask previously.) Which is fine by me, because it was one of my favorites from last season.

Edit: As Scott pointed out in the comments, this mask is the same as last season, but he's using a different cage (the same one as Tim Thomas.) I'll post a photo from last season below.

The photo below is from last season. You can see the difference in the cage here.

Craig Anderson 2011-12 Mask

Craig Anderson of the Ottawa Senators (born May 21, 1981 in Park Ridge, IL.)

Artist: John Pepe of Pepe Custom Paint

Anderson is also wearing a Heritage Mask with their throwback jerseys. It can be found here.

Alex Auld 2011-12 Mask

Alex Auld of the Ottawa Senators (born Jan. 7, 1981 in Cold Lake, AB.)

Artist: David Gunnarsson

"The whole mask is painted as the centurion helmet in the Ottawa logo, and to make it more unique I came up with a bunch of ideas to spice it up. Glittering leafs, the cape of the soldier blowing in the wind, and when you come really close you will discover the reflections in the helmet from a statue of Caesar and the Coliseum, and also a centurion soldier."

3rd Jersey Mask unveiled in February

From artist David Gunnarsson: He wanted a tribute design to the Ottawa Senators legend The Ottawa Fireman, a.k.a. Alex Connell. This design is created for Ottawa´s third jersey, and it is also a tribute to the town of Ottawa with the Rideau Canal Skateway and the Canadian Parliament.

Nathan Lawson 2011-12 Mask

Nathan Lawson of the Montreal Canadiens (born Sept. 29, 1983 in Calgary, AB.)

Thanks so much to reader, Stephen, for sharing these close-up photos of Lawson's mask. "The depictions are of his family, and the top illustration is of him being the Guardian."

Corey Crawford 2011-12 Mask

Corey Crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks (born on Dec. 31, 1984 in Montreal, QC.)

February 1, 2012: Crawford unveiled a new mask with black background.

Artist Stephane Bergeron of La Griffe Originale

Until February he was wearing this mask from last season.
Artist: Stéphane Bergeron