Sunday, April 7, 2013

Check Out This Great Website for Goalies (Goalie Force)

I was contacted by Matti Korhonen, a goalie and goalie coach from Finland. He is the founder of Goalie Force, a network of coaches, personal trainers, agents and other hockey professionals whose mission is "to increase your chances making it to the NHL by providing you the knowledge, tools and services that you’ll need on your way to the top."

Matti's goal is that will become a website where top notch goalie coaches from all over the world will share some of their knowledge and that goalies will know as a site where they can get all the information, training tools and services they’ll need on their way to the NHL.

They offer information, instructional videos, and even online goalie coaching.

Check out Goalie Force if you're looking to improve your game, or are just curious what's out there for goalies.