Saturday, October 30, 2010

Curtis McElhinney 2010-11 Mask

Curtis McElhinney of the Ottawa Senators (born May 23, 1983 in London, ON.)

**McElhinney was traded to Tampa Bay on 2/24/11. I will update with new photos as soon as he gets a new mask and there are photos available. I'm going to miss this mask!! Will always be one of my favorites!!**

**McElhinney is on the move this season. After a brief stay in Tampa, he was traded to Ottawa. Now I have photos of his Sens mask, and it is AWESOME!! Very similar to the Anaheim one, but with skellie. Love, love, love it! Good job, Curtis!**

Thanks to Scott for letting me know that this mask is the one he wore his last season in Calgary. So glad he brought it back!

But his Anaheim mask will always be one of my favorites, so I'm keeping it here too.

Is that a venomous duck? So cool! Actually, it might be a prehistoric duck. Either way, I love!


  1. Love McElhinny's masks!

  2. I agree! It's definitely one of my top 5 this season. Probably my 2nd favorite in fact.

  3. hes with the ottawa senators now , update !

    - Sharks Fan

  4. HE has also changed the brand/model of the mask

    -Habs fan

  5. Scott .. hoser from FB :PMarch 24, 2011 at 8:50 PM

    Hey Carol! Scott here ... That Sens mask is the same one Curtis used in his last season as a Flames goalie .. still has the Sonte etched flaming C on the right side of the mask! All in all My fav mask of all time due having to read Dante's Divine Comedy in Philosophy classes

  6. Oh, thanks, Scott!! I didn't realize that. I thought maybe the "C" stood for Curtis. ;o) It's cool that he went back to a team where he could use it again. It's an incredible mask!!

  7. PERSONALLY I think his mask from his last season with the flames was awesome. As a flames fan I was sad to see him go but hopefully the Sens can find an excuse to display these masks more often. I do think he has talent but never got the ice time while with the Flames, but if the Sens keep sputtering maybe he'll get some ice time in the big league next year!

  8. I totally agree about his Flames/Sens mask. Really, really awesome!