Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thomas Greiss 2011-12 Mask

Thomas Greiss of the San Jose Sharks (born January 29, 1986 in Fussen, Germany.)

Artist: Blake McCully of Cross Eyed Air. (Thanks to Barry for the info!)

The mask at the bottom was the one he wore first. Then he got a new shark mask that's very remiscent of Brian Hayward's mask of the early 90s.

Edit: 11/4/11: I've been told by two Sharks' fans that Greiss only seems to be wearing the shark mask during warm-ups right now, and anytime he's in a game, he wears the monster mask. Thanks for the info!

First Mask

From October 29, 2011



  1. Hey, thanks for posting these pictures, I was curious what Greiss would be donning in the season opener. I like it so, so much more than his old mask with S.J. Sharkie on it. This one reminds me of one Nabokov wore for a bad stretch in his last season with the Sharks. Love the mythological theme.

  2. You're very welcome!! I always love hearing that people appreciate seeing a post.

  3. hey i went to the game last night and griess was wearing the shark mouth mask while practicing and then when he came in for niemi he switched to his monster mask so just thought you will like knowing that

  4. Thanks! I also heard from someone over on my tumblr site that they had only seen him wearing the Shark mask during warm-ups also, then during games he wears the monster mask. Not sure what's up with that, but I appreciate the info!

  5. yeah i will keep you updated because i go to there games alot and love this site!

  6. That Yeti monster mask is the coolest ever. If he ever played for Colorado it would fit right in, but I hope he stays in San Jose - He's going to be one great goalie.

    Some nights people even want him to replace Niemi. Not a lot of fans have confidence in Nemo for whatever reason. Nemo is okay, the defense don't help him a lot, and people tend to forget he's still only 2-3 years full time in the NHL.

    No offense to Niemi, but I like Greiss better, he may not be as 'proven' as Nemo, but Greiss has more of a Joe Thornton personality (and apparently Marleau is hanging out with Jumbo more as he's getting a little less quiet too) :)

    I Met Marleau in his first/second year in the league in downtown San Jose at my work - he was nice, humble and loved to just talk to people, but he was a tad quiet. Owen Nolan I think was with him and was making fun of him. Both very nice guys and loved the city of San Jose.

    But Greiss is known as a kind of a wild guy with his teammates - according to what I've seen and heard. Some of them call him Greaser.

    I prefer a different nickname maybe 'The Wolf' - yeah it was the villain in D2 (Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson) but I still think of Greiss as "The Wolf" I don't know why.

    Or you could go with "Mr. Ice" or one I use sometimes now:

    TomTom the GPS (German Puck Stopper) :D

    While don't have a whole lot favorites, since I'm a Sharks team fan, the two three favorites are 1) Patrick Marleau 2) Thomas Greiss and 3) Ryane Clowe