Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yann Danis 2011-12 Mask

Yann Danis of the Edmonton Oilers. Born June 21, 1981 in Lafontaine, QC.

Artist: Stephane Bergeron

From InGoal Magazine: Danis’ helmet is a tribute to past Oiler greats of course: Gretzky, Messier, the Oilers’ Cup winning seasons and both the chin and the full left side reserved for goaltender Grant Fuhr. We like the combination of detailed tribute images with the bold and simple graphic that is the Oilers logo.


  1. I love masks that pay tribute to the team's past. The Fuhr looks awesome on it.

  2. I totally agree...tribute masks are really neat. And this one is really well done! I'm not sure we'll see too much of it in the NHL, but still very well done.

  3. Steph from griffe originale made allready a couple of years ago a nice tribute mask while Danis was playing in the Canadien system. I hope to see it very often in the NHL. Yann is a very good goalie!

  4. Danis' New Jersey Devils' mask from a few years ago is actually my favorite Devils' mask I've ever seen. Really sharp. I don't know if Bergeron painted it as well, but Danis has definitely had some sweet masks.