Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cam Ward 2011-12 Mask

Cam Ward of the Carolina Hurricanes (born Feb. 29, 1984 in Saskatoon, SK.)
Artist: Steve Nash of Eyecandyair

Description at InGoal Magazine. “… is an evolution of Cam’s iconic Blackbeard character that I originally created for him back in 2008. This year the paint scheme features a pearl black base to compliment the ‘Canes alternative jersey while giving the mask more of an ominous vibe."

Along with a new version of Blackbeard, you’ll notices specks all over these images that, unfortunately, don’t look nearly the same here as they do in person. They are in fact “diamond dust” and in person or under the bright lights of an arena they reflect and shine with amazing clarity – popping off the mask unlike anything you’ve seen before on the ice!


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