Friday, December 26, 2014

Thomas Greiss 2014-15 Mask

Thomas Greiss of the Pittsburgh Penguins (born January 29, 1986 in Fussen, Germany.)

Artist: I couldn't find the info, but I assume it's a Pro's Choice mask again as in previous seasons.

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker 

This photo is his alternate mask, worn for 2 games (see comment below, thanks anon!)

Marc-Andre Fleury 2014-15 Mask

Marc-Andre Fleury of the Pittsburgh Penguins (born Nov. 28, 1984 in Sorel, QC.)

Fleury's main mask is the same as last season.

Artist: Stephane Bergeron of Griff Airbrush

...features a flower wearing an old-school goalie mask on the forehead, with the eyes glowing blue through the mask and the petals flowing out from the middle like hair.

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker 

Fleury has a different mask to wear with their alternate/3rd jerseys.
This mask is also painted by Bergeron.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ray Emery 2014-15 Mask

Ray Emery of the Philadelphia Flyers (born Sept. 28, 1982 in Hamilton, ON.)

He debuted a 2nd mask in April (also designed by artist Marcus Power and painted by Franny Drummond of PaintZoo Studios)

Article at InGoal Magazine

Mask artists: Franny Drummond of PaintZoo and Marcus Power

The pads he wore most of the season.

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These seemed to be temporary. 

Steve Mason 2014-15 Mask

Steve Mason of the Philadelphia Flyers (born May 29, 1988 in Oakville, ON.)

Artist: Franny Drummond of PaintZoo and Marcus Power Design

This zombie mask is a slightly updated version from last season's.

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker 

Robin Lehner 2014-15 Mask

Robin Lehner of the Ottawa Senators (born July 24, 1991 in Gothenburg, Sweden.)

Artist: David Gunnarsson

A matte shock in scratchy colors with splatter effects...the design is a tribute to his favorite music group, In Flames (Swedish metal band.)

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