Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peter Budaj 2011-12 Mask

Peter Budaj of the Montreal Canadiens (born Sept. 18, 1982 in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.)

Peter unveiled a 2nd mask in December. It's at the bottom of the entry.
Artist: David Gunnarsson
From Dave: Peter had such a cool idea for this mask... He wanted the Three Storms, the three Asian super wizards with the mega hats from the super movie Big Trouble in Little China... :-) He also wanted Asian mysticism all over the mask, mixed with an old school Habs design.

So exciting to create! One Storm is standing on each side of the mask shooting magic bolts. And all bolts in the design are glowing in the dark! Yes! And just as usual, when you come closer you enter a new dimension of details to discover. You find Chinese stone dragons with glowing eyes, and an Asian script rolled up on the chin of the mask in a cool 3-D way where you find Peter's player number. You also find a cool Chinese lion guardian in the front of the mask, and if you look close in the white lines of the mask you find small dragons and ying and yang.

You may wonder where the third Storm wizard is, well look at the backplate...

This second mask is a tribute to Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi who plays for FC Barcelona. As always of course, Ned Flanders finds his spot on the mask, this time heading a soccer ball tying in with the Messi theme creatively. From InGoal Magazine.

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