Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kari Lehtonen 2011-12 Mask

Kari Lehtonen of the Dallas Stars (born Nov. 16, 1983 in Helsinki, Finland.)

Artist: David Gunnarsson

From Dave's website: Gunnarsson explained, "The design is what I call a story teller design, and is a tribute to the state of Texas. On the side the Dallas Stars logo as a Texas map, and I created it as a real map, looking a bit old and used with some of the edges curved. Around that a very detailed theme of Texas, with a strong powerful longhorn bull in focus on the other side. You also find a belt buckle, cactus landscape, the Texas Star Ferris wheel, oil pumps and much more."

Lehtonen began wearing new pads after he came back from injury in December.

His first set of pads this season.

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