Thursday, November 21, 2013

Antti Raanta 2013-14 Mask

Antti Raanta of the Chicago Blackhawks (born May 12, 1989 in Rauma, Finland.)

Raanta was called up in November after Khabibulin went out with an injury.

Raanta's Stadium Series gear

Artist: Joni "Bona" Hallikainen of Bona Designs

Thanks so much to "johnnyeight08" for the mask maker/artist information (see comment below.)

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Marek Mazanec 2013-14 Mask

Marek Mazanec of the Nashville Predators (born July 18, 1991 in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic.)

Artist: David Gunnarsson

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This was his first mask of the season.

Artist: David Gunnarsson

Scott Clemmensen 2013-14 Mask

Scott Clemmensen of the Florida Panthers (born July 23, 1977 in Des Moines, IA.)

Clemmensen started the season with last season's mask (the yellow one), but in November he got a new red one.

I believe the artist is the same as last season: Mark Hart of Hart Designs

This yellow mask was his first, and this photo shows his pads better.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Justin Peters 2013-14 Mask

Justin Peters of the Carolina Hurricanes (born Aug 30, 1986 in Blyth, ON.)

Peters was called up after Cam Ward went down with an injury early in the season.

Artist: David Gunnarsson

Dr. Frankenstein's Dawg

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Reto Berra 2013-14 Mask

Reto Berra of the Calgary Flames Colorado Avalanche (born January 3, 1987 in Bulach, Switzerland.)

Berra was traded to Colorado in March.

On April 8th the Avs twitter account tweeted this photo of Berra's new mask. This is the only photo I have right now. 

Artist: Airxess

Artist: Airxess

Thanks so much to "johnnyeight08" for the artist information and links (see the comment below, there is a video about the making of this mask.)

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Robert Luongo's Movember 2013 Mask

His regular mask is found here.

From InGoal Magazine:

Roberto Luongo has transformed himself into Johnny Canuck – moustache and all – for charity.
Luongo debuted a new mask by his long-time painter, Marlene Ross, at practice on Friday, and said afterwards that he will auction it off at the end of the month for charity.
“It’s for Movember, so I am going to be auctioning it off the end of month,” Luongo said, joking that the moustache on the mask saves him from having to grow one himself.
“Just not sure when I am going to be using it yet. It’s going to be tough for it to get into the lineup the way the other mask is playing right now so we’ll see how it goes.”
The mask features a toque, complete with a pom-pom on the top, and the Johnny Canuck beard and moustache over Luongo’s own facial features.

Photos from the November 9, 2013 game.