Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dan Ellis 2011-12 Mask

Dan Ellis of the Anaheim Ducks (born June 19, 1980 in Saskatoon, SK.)

Artist: David Gunnarsson

From In Goal Magazine:   The artist said: Istarted this paint adventure whereI transformed the whole mask to the front of a pirate ship cruising on the ocean…The water is splashing up on the sides as the ship is ready to attack some poor ships at night… You see some of them in the background.
Of course this pirate ship just as all pirate ship has a wood statue in the front of the ship, and on this pirate ship the statue obviously is a Ducks mask. The pirate skull ducks on each side are standing on the gunwale ready for war with a bunch of weapons… One of them is extra pissed off, he is holding his loved bottle of rome…but someone has emptied it, no wonder he’s so mad…!

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