Sunday, January 31, 2016

Slowly but Surely

I have been unable to update/add entries as much as I would like, but I did add a couple today (Anderson and Mason) and updated one (Hammond.)

I will continue to update as quickly as possible.

Thanks for continuing to visit even anyway!! I will have them done by the end of the season, I swear!! :)


Steve Mason 2015-16 Mask

Steve Mason of the Philadelphia Flyers (born May 29, 1988 in Oakville, ON.)

Artist: Paintzoo

Article found here.

The mask features former and current Flyers as zombies. Included are Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent, Jake Voracek, the Schenn brothers and more.

These are the most recent pads he's worn.

These pads were from earlier in the season.

He's also worn last season's mask for at least one game in October.

Craig Anderson 2015-16 Mask

Craig Anderson of the Ottawa Senators (born May 21, 1981 in Park Ridge, IL.)

Artist: John Pepe of Pepe Custom Paint

(I have not been able to confirm that Pepe is still painting Anderson's masks, but he used to paint them, and until I hear differently I will assume it's still him. I can't even find a website or anything for Pepe. If anyone has anything, please leave a comment! :)

Alternate mask worn with throw-back jerseys.

Anderson has worn 2 sets of pads this season so far. The first photos are his most recent set.

And here are his pads from earlier in the season.