Sunday, September 11, 2011

Al Montoya 2011-12 Mask

Al Montoya of the New York Islanders (born Feb 13, 1985 in Chicago, IL.)

Artist: Ray Bishop

From InGoal Magazine: Montoya explained “Just a generic captain that I came up with. My idea was to come up with an old man and the sea motif of sorts…You know, just trying to do something with a little different twist, that still represents the team…It gets old seeing the same old stuff out there sometimes.”

As with last year’s helmet Bishop has included Montoya’s nickname “Big Cubano.” Montoya is extremely proud of his heritage and the fact that he is the only Cuban-American in the NHL. The character on the back came from his Phoenix helmet, as noted by Bishop:
“As far as the back plate, I usually try to come up with a character to go with the club, but I did a “man in the moon” type design in Phoenix, and Al liked it, so I did an new version of a “man in the moon” style character again for this mask…”


  1. Nice design, I like the Captain. First glance I thought it was Captain Haddock from Tin Tin.

  2. I liked his coyote mask better, though it didn't fit for the Isles.

  3. i love this mask dislike pads everyone is trying to use too much white it is boring. the captin ties it together i created a mask last year with sort of the same concept ex. the lighthouse