Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chris Mason 2010-11 Mask

Chris Mason of the Atlanta Thrashers (born April 20, 1976 in Red Deer, AB.)

(If you're looking for his 2011-12 mask, click here.)

Here's the description from The Goalie Guild: "Mason’s Sportmask design was partially inspired by former Canucks goalie Kirk McLean’s mask. The secondary Thrashers logo is an overhead silhouette laid on top of a dark navy blue base with a white cat-eye cage. The backplate has the City of Atlanta crest with pink flowers on the right side and an American flag in the shape of a Maple Leaf on the left side. Above the Atlanta crest is a Canadian flag and above that are the words Mason + MacArthur."

I've recently seen photos of a slightly different version of this mask. It has more white on it, but same basic design. I've seen him wear it in more than one game, and I don't know the story behind why he has both.


  1. Very simple and sharp looking mask. Looks great on the ice