Saturday, September 25, 2010

Michal Neuvirth 2010-11 Mask

Michal Neuvirth of the Washington Capitals (born March 23, 1988 in Usti Labem, Czech Republic.)

Edit 3/21/11: Neuvirth has a new mask, although I can't find photos showing he's actually worn it in a game yet. Here is what Dave Gunnarsson has to say about it:

"It is very exciting to create Michal Neuvirth’s mask designs. Lots of details with a nice flow and cool DAVEART 3-D PaintTech in a sweet mix. This design is a continuation on his previous mask where the Caps wings spread over the sides watching over the mask.

One side is devoted to Michal’s hometown in the Czech Republic, with the fortress and the guarding lion from the Czech National Team coat of arms. The other side is devoted to his new hometown Washington and features buildings and an eagle in attack.
The rest of the design is a symphony of lines and play inspired by the Caps colors and the red-white chess pattern from the Czech coat of arms."

Here was Neuvy's first mask this season:
"The mask is split into two parts with one side featuring images of Washington, DC and the other with images of Neuvirth’s native Czech Republic. The top of the mask features the Capitals wordmark and the chin displays Neuvirth’s nickname 'Neuvy'."

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