Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chris Mason 2011-12 Mask

Chris Mason of the Winnipeg Jets (born April 20, 1976 in Red Deer, AB.)

Here's a link to him working out with his new mask, and I believe new pads.
From InGoal Magazine:

Commissioned especially for Mason and painted by Steve Nash of Eyecandyair, Mason put a lot of thought into his new lid, and not just because it will become a piece of history as part of the first NHL season back in Winnipeg. Mason has always put a lot of effort into his masks, taking the time to sketch out his own ideas and then counting on Nash “to make it 10 times better.”

That wasn’t easy this time, in part because they haven’t seen the uniform, but after carefully considering retro and tribute themes, they focused instead on the Jets name and new logo, adding in an Iron Maiden twist to produce some impressive results.

“We went back and forth, lots of phone calls, and I sent Steve some sketches and he did some art and sent him back and we mulled over a bunch of different ideas, and then he came up with the Iron Maiden Eddie in the old fighter jet and I thought it was perfect and I loved the image and thought that was really appropriate for the Jets,” Mason said of the band’s famous mascot. ”I’m a fan of a few songs and Aces High is one song I really like too, so it’s kind of perfect I like the song and the artwork for the single was this Eddie in a plane.”

The Jets theme continues with a team logo on the chin and military wings extending from the front up the sides.

“We did a modified Jets logo and put my number (50) on the wing, and I think it looks awesome with the Maple Leaf behind the jet,” Mason said. “I’m a big fan of the logo, and I just love having the Maple Leaf on my mask, so I’m really excited about that.”

The back plate is where things get personal for Mason, who is expecting his second daughter in October.

“Steve came up with an eagle family done in native art style,” said Mason, who will once again be wearing a mask made by Tony Priolo at Sportmask. “It’s a mother eagle protecting her two young children with sky in background. I think it just looks awesome.”

(If you look closely, you can spot the family name spelt out across the wings)


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