Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Links to NHL's Masked Men documentary

There is a really interesting documentary called The NHL's Masked Men: the last line of defense out there. I believe this one was done sometime in the mid-late 90s (I'm trying to find the exact date.)

Since it's a little dated, many of the great goalies of today aren't mentioned, but it's really cool to see the guys that came before them.

Two of my favorite quotes from the beginning of it:

"There's not a goaltender alive that's a normal human being."

"They are great guys. They're just off the wall."

Here are the links to the 5 parts of it on YouTube.


  1. I've heard that before, that goalies are all slightly to alot mental. Henrik seems quite normal to me!

  2. Yeah, they have a reputation for being "quirky." Some more than others, I'm sure. ;o)