Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jimmy Howard 2010-11 Mask

Jimmy Howard of the Detroit Red Wings (born March 26, 1984 in Syracuse, NY.)

The Doc Ock mask at the bottom was the one we saw at the beginning of this season. But now we've seen Jimmy in a different mask, one with a Mustang on it. So I'm not sure if he's wearing both or has switched to this one now. This is also painted by Ray Bishop.

And here's a video with him and Bishop talking about the mask. It also displays the retired Redwings numbers.

According to The Goalie Guild: this mask is "painted by Ray Bishop. It prominently displays the Spiderman comic book super villain on the left side, sometimes known as Doc Ock. Above him is a pale grey moon with the Red Wings logo within it. The chin drop displays the vintage “D” logo and the Detroit skyline in the background in solid black. The backplate is designed as a red wall with the phrase “Let’s Roll” on the left side."


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