Thursday, September 23, 2010

Johan Hedberg 2010-11 Mask

Johan Hedberg of the New Jersey Devils (born May 5, 1973 in Leksand, Sweden.)

According to The Goalie Guild: "Dave Gunnarsson comes through with a great “Moose in da Devils” theme for Hedberg. A huge primary Devils logo is on both sides of the mask and “Devils” is written across the chin drop. The Moose is on the right side and he’s coming over the top of the logo with a black trident in his right hand. His left hand is hanging on the the outer edge of the Devils logo."

The story behind the moose...he used to play for the Manitoba Moose. He was called up to Pittsburgh and didn't get a chance to change his mask, but fans liked it and called him the Moose. And it's stuck ever since. He played for the Penguins, Canucks, Stars, and Thrashers and will be behind Brodeur in NJ this season.

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