Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dan Ellis 2010-11 Mask

Dan Ellis of the Anaheim Ducks (born June 19, 1980 in Saskatoon, SK.)

**Ellis was traded from Tampa Bay to Anaheim on 2/24/11. I will update with new photos as soon as he gets a new mask and there are photos available.**

And here are the new photos:
This is another Dave Gunnarson mask, and it's called Zoombie Ducks (I don't get zoombie, rather than zombie?) This is what Dave says about the mask over on his website:

"Wow, the zoombie ducks occupy out! The top of the mask turns into a bodybag, and when the zipper opens up all the way to the chin, out from the bodybag comes a badass zoombie duck with a mask! His eyes are burning of madness!

More zoombie ducks shows up on each side of the mask...and these zoombies are really of a new kind, cause they can handle weapons...a hockey stick and a chain saw! Even the classic Ducks logo on the side has turned into a zoombie, check out the bloodshot eyes... Oh no, even the cute little rubber duck on the side has turned into a badass zoombie!

I cannot tell you enough how funny it is to paint masks for Dan Ellis... :-)"

I'll keep his Tampa Bay masks down here, since he used them for more than half of the season.

I'm pretty sure that's Zeus on left side, Thor on the right. I love the Zeus side.

According to The Goalie Guild: "painted by Dave Gunnarsson and features two awesome medieval characters – Thor and Zeus. Thor is on the right side wearing a gold helmet and holding a giant book in his left hand. The book has the symbol “3E” on the cover and is a conductor of the lightning bolts. In his right hand he is slamming down a mallet that goes over the Lightning logo on the left chin. Zeus is on the left side holding a giant lightning bolt in his right hand. The Lightning logo is on the right chin and the “3E” symbol is going across the chin drop. Dan’s backplate is black with “Ellis” inscribed along the bottom. On the right side is a waxed stamp with the symbol “K3″ on the inlay. It represents his family, whose names all start with the letter K. "

By the way, as an anonymous reader pointed out (see comments below), the 3E is actually mirrored 3's, for his number 33. Thanks for pointing that out, anon!

I noticed in the Nov. 14th home game against the Wild that he was wearing a different mask. Maybe the other one is for away games, and this is for home...

Edit 12/2/10: I found out more about the 2nd mask. From The Goalie Guild: "...inspired by his own imagination. Another Daveart masterpiece, this one has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The left side of the mask features a sort of hybrid fish/fisherman armed with a harpoon gun and a dagger, who looks like something out of a low-budget horror film. The left side features different creatures at different depths of the ocean, no doubt the “fish-ermans” bounty. Two sharks, two big, black and red tentacles behind the Tampa Bay logo, a pale green anglerfish, and some bioilluminated jellyfish and starfish all swim along unaware of their monstrous hunter. One of the jellyfish’s tentacles form the number “33″ on the chin next to a little wooden tiki head."


  1. The 3E is actually mirrored 3s for his number which is 33

  2. I love that I have smart readers! Thanks for pointing that out!!!

  3. The Thor, is actually a Paladin from Warcraft..

  4. It seems to be the new mask from Ellis is another inspiration from World of Warcraft.. The hybrid monster on the left side perhaps should show a "Murloc" .. the other ones on the right side (tentacles, sharks, fishes etc) are out of the new Zone Vashj Ir in Cataclysm WoW

  5. I am sure this design is inspired by Warcraft, too.
    On the left side this should be a Murloc from WoW and the right side shows creatures out of the new zone Vashj ir from WOW - cataclysm

  6. Thanks so much for the information!