Thursday, September 23, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist 2010-11 Mask

 Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers (born March 2, 1982 in Are, Sweden.)

Edit 3/16/11: It seems that Lundqvist has yet another mask this year. One with more glitter. ;o) Still painted by Dave Gunnarsson, here's what he has to say about it:

"I have painted for Henrik Lundqvist for more than 13 years, and together we have have developed his designs throught the years, and it has been an amazing journey.
We continue with the same contrast-rich and speed-filled theme that has become Henrik’s signum, with a close connection to the Rangers and of course with the Statue Of Liberty.
This design is a direct continuation on Henrik’s previous mask design that was so popular. Here we have added a greeting to Henrik’s mask designs back in the days when he played for Frölunda in Sweden, that is DAVEART XXFX glitter effects! Lots of glitter in the design makes it stand out in an extra-ordinary way, just like it should when you are the King Of Manhattan.
Clean lines tie whole together and make it a clear experience when seen from a long distance, but when you check it more close you discover a new world of extreme detail work. DAVEART Holographix FX lifts the 3-D feeling, and the lightning is a natural ingredient that electrifies the design."

Lundqvist has had three masks this season. The bottom one he wears with their 85th anniversary jerseys.

Mask he wears with the 85th anniversary jersey.


  1. On his plastic neck protector that dangles off his mask, what is the white sticker covering?

  2. I'm honestly not sure. Anyone know?