Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tuukka Rask 2010-11 Mask

Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins (born March 10, 1987 in Savonlinna, Finland.)

Rask began wearing a new mask in early February. I saw close-up photos, but forgot to save them and can't find them again right now. So I'll go with these for now and edit later when I find the close-ups. Going with more realistic-looking bears. And it looks like a tribute to a former goalie on the left side...I need to find out specifics. (Thanks to the anonymous commenter who reminded me about Rasks's new mask!)

This was his mask for the first half of the season.


  1. He has got a new mask, wore it against Red Wings last night!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I saw that a week or so ago, but hadn't had time to post it. Then I forgot...I'll get photos and post. Thanks!

  3. Definitely Gerry Cheevers tribute on his new mask. No doubt.