Monday, October 18, 2010

Cory Schneider 2010-11 Mask

Cory Schneider of the Vancouver Canucks (born March 18, 1986 in Marblehead, MA.)

During the playoffs Schneider had to get a new mask, because this tribute mask got damaged. Here's the entry for his new mask.

In honor of the Canucks 40th anniversary, Corey paid homage to past Canucks in his mask.

“Because this is the 40th anniversary I thought it would be cool to pay homage to the old Canucks,” Schneider told InGoal Magazine of yearlong celebrations of the inaugural season. “I thought I’d throw together a montage commemorating 40 years of goalies that played, all the notable masks from Canucks history.”

The list includes masks worn by current Canucks television color commentator John Garrett and 1994 playoff hero Kirk McLean. But at the top of that list for many Canucks fans is the stick-and-rink logo worn as a cross by Curt Ridley from 1976 through 1978 that now appears above Schneider’s right ear.

If Ridley’s mask is a favorite of Canucks fans, the Gary Bromley skull mask that now appears on Schneider’s left temple is one of the NHL’s all-time greats. The mask, which features a life-like skull, complete with teeth, has long been a best seller among classic mask collectors, often outselling bigger names like Ken Dryden and Jacques Plante in the replica mask industry.

The mask "also features a blend of old and new Canucks logos making their way down the left side, across the chin and up the right."


  1. I really like his mask

  2. It's definitely a really neat mask!

  3. Being he plays for Vancouver maybe his mask should depict a native carving from a totem pole???
    Corey are you out there???

    1. This is from a couple of seasons ago. Here is his current mask: