Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tim Thomas 2010-11 Mask

Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins (born April 15, 1974 in Flint, MI.)

The bear is the same as last season, but in shades of grey and white.

Also according to The Goalie Guild, "the design is a replica of a medallion that he wears. The medallion is a modified coin with different elements on it."

This season:
Last Season to compare:


  1. also you'll notice that the facemask has been altered. He had the bars changed so it is easier for him to see. He said he was losing site of the puck with the sweeping dropbar on the cage. So he altered it with the company that makes them and is having the best season ever.

  2. Oh, you're right! Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't even noticed. I'm pleased for him that he's having such a great season. Timmy!

  3. He also had it altered so he didn't have to keep breathing the hot stale air inside his mask.

  4. My brother gave me an issue of ESPN Magazine that has an article about the changes in Tim's mask this season, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. Hopefully soon.

    Thanks for the info and comment!