Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rick DiPietro 2010-11 Mask

1/15/12: I notice I'm getting a lot of traffic from a piece on This post that was linked there is not for DiPietro's CURRENT mask. This is the entry for his 2010-11 mask. If you'd like to see his current 2011-12 mask, click here. Thanks.

Rick DiPietro of the New York Islanders (Sept. 19, 1981 in Winthrop, MA.)

Edit 3/20/11: Thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing out to me that DiPietro is wearing a different mask now that he's back from injury. I found an article about it over at InGoal Magazine.

...Dipietro’s new look actually was one of Chris Osgood’s old masks from his time with the Islanders. And while Osgood has admitted it puts him at more risk than a modern mask – “if I take one flush with mine, it might or might not cut me, but I’m going to feel it a lot more,” he told InGoal – it also turns out Dipietro was wearing it to protect his surgically repaired face.

Dipietro needed to have four plates and several screws surgically installed to keep everything in place after having his cheek caved in by the now infamous left hand of Pittsburgh backup Brent Johnson during a goalie fight way back in early February."

This is his original mask: as always, a tribute to his father who was a chopper pilot in Vietnam and other vets.