Wednesday, October 27, 2010

José Théodore 2010-11 Mask

José Théodore of the Minnesota Wild (born Sept. 13, 1976 in Laval, QC.)

This has now catapulted to the top of the list as my favorite mask of this season, and my favorite Theo mask of all time (I think.) I really loved the gargoyles in Colorado, sitting on his "LX", but this one is gorgeous.

Here's the article about it over at InGoal magazine.

Replacing the bald eagles on the new mask is the animal-shaped head of the Minnesota Wild logo (the franchise has never clarified if it’s a bear or a wildcat, simply referring to it as a “wild animal”). But if you look closely at the ice that the creature appears to breaking out of, you will notice a set of wings, Gargoyle style. Instead of a wall, the clawed creature is perched on the emblem being used to celebrate the Wild’s 10th season. Missing from the new mask is the “LX” symbol that used to be chiseled into the wall the animals were perched on, a Roman numeral reference to his No. 60, and something he also carries permanently in the form of a tattoo.

The number “60″ does appear on the new backplate, part of familiar in theme on the rear of Theodore’s masks over the years. It includes his nickname “Theo” and a small elephant.

“The elephant is just a luck charm,” Theodore once told InGoal Magazine of his design.

Also returning on the back of the new mask are the stylized letters “R” and “C” with crosses hanging from them, tributes to Theodore’s young daughter Romi, and Chase, the infant son he lost prior to last season after complications stemming from his premature birth.

Edit on 12/2/10: Last night was the first time Theo wore his new mask in a game with their red jersey. I believe in the other home game he started they wore their green third jerseys. I thought his mask looked really sharp with the red jersey last night.

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