Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anders Lindback 2010-11 Mask

Anders Lindback of the Nashville Predators (born May 3, 1988 in Gavle, Sweden.)

Lindback started wearing a new mask in March 2011. His first mask (at the bottom of this entry) was a hybrid between his AHL team and the Predators, since he didn't realize he'd be spending the whole season in Nashville. So now this mask is all Nashville.

Here's the article at In Goal Magazine. From artist Dave Gunarsson: "On the top of the mask the Pred logo rules, painted vertically just like on the previous mask. The rest of the design is a symphony of glittering graphics with XXFX glittering P logos in a whirling pattern. Anders also wanted the tower from the arena on one side. The blue base lifts the graphics and 3-D effects."

Here's the first mask he used this season:
The Preds' AHL team is the Milwaukee Admirals, and that skull pirate is their logo.


  1. That pirate hat skull is creepy.

  2. And I'm not sure of the reasoning behind having the pirate skull. Maybe he just personally likes pirates, and it's not a team-related thing?

  3. Ok, so I learned just now that the Milwaukee Admirals are the Predators' AHL team. And this pirate skull is their "mascot." So I guess maybe he wasn't sure where he'd be playing when he had the mask painted...AHL or NHL.