Saturday, November 15, 2014

Karri Ramo 2014-15 Mask

Karri Ramo of the Calgary Flames (born July 1, 1986 in Asikkala, Finland.)

Ramo used a 2nd mask as well (same artist.) At InGoal Magazine they said: "Ramo had painter Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx create a more cartoonish type of horror mask featuring images from Tim Burton’s first short film, Vincent, a 1982 black-and-white stop motion horror based on a poem he wrote and voiced by famed actor Vincent Price."

It also looked like he got different pads.

The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker 

Artist: Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx

Article at InGoal Magazine

This is an Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" theme.

Along the left side of the mask designed by Marcus Power, there is a silhouette of raven’s wing against what appears to be a blood spattered background. The detail of the spatters is incredible, and as you move forward towards the chin, it becomes clear that instead of simply painting skulls onto the mask, Livery has made the entire mask one big skull as well. The chin depicts the mouth of the skull with something clearly burning behind the teeth. 
On the right side of the mask, a similar raven silhouette sits beside some skulls lined up above the cage of Ramo’s new lid.

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker

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