Friday, November 21, 2014

Ben Scrivens 2014-15 Mask

Ben Scrivens of the Edmonton Oilers (born September 11, 1986 in Spruce Grove, AB.)

Scrivens began the season with a new mask, then in late October he wore a mask to bring awareness to Schizophrenia and mental health issues.

I'm not sure if EyeCandyAir painted his "main" mask this season or not.

Below is the 2nd mask, article found here. Artist EyeCandyAir.

Scrivens sees his position as a goaltender for the Edmonton Oilers as an opportunity and an obligation to do more. So he is lending his name and his mask to raise awareness and funds for mental health in general, and the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta in particular.
Scrivens has started Ben's Netminders, a program that will turn his mask into a canvas for four Edmonton-area artists diagnosed with schizophrenia. Scrivens is raising awareness by wearing the first mask, based on a painting by Richard Boulet. The fundraising will come when the game-worn masks are put up for auction, but more important is giving a voice to those who often are marginalized.

In December Scrivens unveiled his second special mask to try to bring awareness to mental health issues.

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker

The two specially designed masks were auctioned off and raised over $32,000 for CMHA Edmonton and Schizophrenia Society of Alberta.

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  1. You guessed right. For-according to EyeCandyAir-the first mask was meant as the main mask for the season, as it was worn most of the three and was worn after the other two were auctioned off.