Friday, November 14, 2014

Jonas Hiller 2014-15 Mask

Jonas Hiller of the Calgary Flames (born Feb. 12, 1982 in Felben Wellhausen, Switzerland.)

Artist: Designed by Denis Simone and painted by Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx.

Here are a couple of photos of his new mask. It looks like December 29th was the first game he wore it.

Hiller's new mask was introduced the 3rd week of December, but he's not worn it yet. Here are a couple of shots and the article.

This article explains he will probably have another mask this season.

"This one was more of a prototype because we have to have it tested and proofed first," Hiller remarked. "I didn’t do a big paint job because I wanted to make sure I can play with it first."
Hiller claims he will get a new mask which will likely include an aesthetic facelift soon.

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker.

Thank you to anon for letting us know about another mask Hiller had this season (see comment below.)

And here is an article about his Retro Night mask and pads.


  1. He also had a third mask and different set of pads for Retro Night, but since Ramo got the start it was never used in-game (although the mask was used for a game early on in the 2015-16 season)