Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mike Smith 2011-12 Mask

Mike Smith of the Phoenix Coyotes (born March 22, 1982 in Kingston, ON.)

Artist David Arrigo (Obviously a Wile E. Coyote theme.)

In February, Smith debuted an updated version of the Wile E. Coyote mask. Here's the article at InGoal Magazine.

This new mask features Wile E. in updated gear to match Smith’s own Reebok P4s, but the other change is far more significant for Looney Tunes fans.
“On this one the unthinkable happens,” Arrigo told InGoal in an email. “He gets the Roadrunner!”
Yes, the Roadrunner finally meets his demise, and it’s at the hands of (you guessed it) an Acme goal stick.

This was his first mask of the season:
From InGoal Magazine: "Smitty came up with the theme and then David gave it the style. We love the back plate especially – go have a look!

For those wondering, the name across the top is honouring Mike’s new son."

And yes, Wile E. has blue feathers in his mouth. Poor Road Runner!


  1. It's about time someone from the Coyotes did this.

  2. Mikeal Tellqvist did before he was traded to Buffalo, will try to find a pic

  3. http://kids.aol.com/pictures/nhl-goalies/

    Have to scroll through but best i could do unless you google his name