Wednesday, August 31, 2011

José Theodore 2011-12 Mask

José Theodore of the Florida Panthers (born Sept. 13, 1976 in Laval, QC.)

Artist: David Gunnarsson (Edit: 1/16/12, José unveiled a new mask at practice on 1/14. He said he's not sure if he'll wear it during games or not. Photos and story below the first mask.)

David about the design:

Jose Theodore had such a cool idea for his new mask for his new team Florida Panthers. He wanted his own family on the mask, created as panthers...such a cool idea! I started to sketch the design at once... We came up with the idea to place the Theo family in a typical Florida environment, on the beach... :-) I love to always change style and paint new styles every day. This would be a very funny design.

So I painted the family just having a nice time on the beach. Theo himself as a big panther is lying on the beach with his cool sunglasses, drinking a cold soda, and with his daughter climbing on him. His goalie mask is of course by his side. And his wife on the other side of the mask, or beach.
 How fun must it be for Romy to be on Daddy's mask as a Panther! ♥

"Theodore also has various Florida Panthers logos painted on the mask.
On the back, he has his nickname, ... and a pretty detailed Florida license tag -- complete with the words 'Sunshine State' on the bottom.
The tag reads 'LX 60' to represent his jersey number with the Panthers."
And as always, he has the "R" for Romy and "C" in memory of Chace.

Burning TikiGargoyles on Theodore´s mask

We have the honor to present the Florida Panthers goalie Jose Theodore´s new mask. I love so much to work with Jose, he just like me loves a lot of details on the masks. :)

On this mask it is time for Gargoyles again, I love to paint gargoyles. Jose wanted it in a new unique way with a cool connection to Florida. Karl in my team came up with the idea of Tiki, I made some sketches were I mixed Tikis and Gargoyles, and the design idea was born. Jose loved the sketches and I started the adventure to paint it.

The Burning TikiGargoyles are sitting on each side of the Florida beach in their sand castles, guarding the net. Around this I created a totally action packed Florida design with so many Florida details to discover all over the mask. I love to spend a lot of time just painting details and go crazy on details, and play with metallic effects. Lots of the stuff you can only see when you see the mask live. I remember when I was a kid and watched the TV series Miami Vice, in the intro there were flamingos, so I really wanted that in the design... :)

On the chin the mask is transformed into a Tiki Gargoyle mask, turning Jose into one when he put it on his head.

José started wearing new pads at the end of December. The only difference is the small yellow stripes.


  1. definitely the best mask. i love how dave gave his wife huge boobs. lolz. theo is a great guy

    1. Stephanie was probably pleased as well. She was like...yeah, that's right. Look at me. ;o) And yes, he is a really classy/nice/great guy. Have you met him? I did once, and he was incredibly nice.