Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Martin Biron 2011-12 Mask

Martin Biron of the New York Rangers (born Aug. 15, 1977 in Lac St. Charles, QC.)

Artist: Steve Nash of Eyecandyair

Here's the entry for Biron's Winter Classic Mask.

There's an  article about the mask at InGoal Magazine.
The mask is essentially the same as the one Biron wore last season (see here) with only the Rangers logo on the forehead having changed for 2011-2012 as well as the addition of the Bauer logo.
While the paint is similar, the shell is different. Biron wore Itech masks since he was 15 years old, but said he switched to a Warwick last season after experiencing fitment issues following Bauer’s purchase of Itech and the retirement of Itech’s Jerry Wright.
Biron was so enamoured with the old Itech fit, he wore the same for four full seasons.
“The mold was different,” Biron told InGoal Magazine last season. “The year I got traded from Buffalo to Philly (2006-07) right through my year on Long Island (2009-10) I just kept getting it repainted and re-foamed, but it was the same mask.”
This season Biron will be back to a Bauer mask that was built for him by Pro's Choice, the company that has been building the custom masks for Bauer before switching over to work with Vaughn for the upcoming season.

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