Friday, August 5, 2011

Martin Brodeur 2011-12 Mask

Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils (born May 6, 1972 in Montreal, QC.)

Here's the article at InGoal Magazine. "Artist Sylvie Poitras has been looking after Martin Brodeur’s artwork for years...It wasn’t long ago that Brodeur switched from the classic Devils’ logo on the forehead to his personal “MB30″ logo – as the latest in a line of star athletes trying to establish a personal brand.

This year fans of the old look will be happy to see the classic logo return in what from a distance will look like a return to his pre-2008 design but Poitras has taken it a bit further. As with other artists today... a bold classic design seen easily from the stands can have additional layers of design that give those lucky enough to see the mask up close something to appreciate. The depth in this case is the MB30 logo which can be found in 30 (of course!) places on the mask."

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