Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cam Ward 2015-16 Mask

Cam Ward of the Carolina Hurricanes (born February 29, 1984 in Saskatoon, SK.)

Artist: Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir

Thanks to the reader who commented below: As of 12/29/15 Ward has not worn the new mask created for this season (photo at the bottom.) All the photos immediately below are of the mask he wore last season. Here is that mask, and you can see my post from last year here.

So even though this says 2014/15, it's the same one as the in-game photos below.

Posted for the back of Ward's mask.

New mask created this season, but not worn as of 12/29/15.


  1. Ward's reusing the mask from last season. Even though there was a new mask made for him, as of 12/29 he has yet to wear it in-game.