Saturday, October 5, 2013

Looking for a very specific Ed Belfour mask, can anyone help? (Update: Found a photo of the mask, anyone have photos of him wearing the mask?)

Thanks to Matt for sending me a photo of the chrome mask in question here:

If anyone has any photos of him wearing the mask we'd love to see them. Thanks, Matt!!!


I've been contacted by someone who is looking for a photo/photos of one of Ed Belfour's masks.

In his words: "When the Stars opened their first season at the American Airlines Center is 2001, Ed Belfour wore a special silver/chrome version of his famous eagle mask."

He was wondering if anyone would know where to find a photo(s) of this particular mask.

He said it looked exactly like this mask:

only instead of the gold color background, it was literally a metallic reflective mirrored chrome, like Vanbiesbrouck used on his flyers mask.

Does anyone out there have a photo of that particular mask?

Please email me at if you can help. Thanks in advance!



  1. Might be this one?

    1. I happened to find that one about a half an hour ago on The Goalies Archive and I thought it might be it, although it says here it's a Toronto mask, and he said it was a mask in Dallas. But Belfour signed with Toronto the following season, so maybe he wore the same mask as he did that game he's referring to in Dallas. I passed it along to him to see. Thanks very much for the link!

  2. Yeah, never heard of him wearing a chrome colored mask in Dallas it has to be the Toronto one.

    1. You can barely see it here at the 1:20 mark.

      It was worn at the first game at the American Airlines Center and it was a very shiny chrome rather than a flat silver. I contacted Warwick mask company because they're the ones who made it, and they're trying to find a photo of it.

    2. This silver/chrome was a backup to the blue one during his time with the Leafs, hence the rarity, almost like the gold one was in Dallas.