Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jonas Hiller's Movember Mask

Artist: Alex Voggel of Airxess

Here is the entry for the mask Hiller started wearing in December.

Full article here.

Last November, around 150 NHL players rocked a moustache in order to help Movember generate more awareness. But this year, the number of fuzzy dusters is expected to rise. It also helps when an elite goaltender like Hiller takes that unselfish act of raising awareness to a new level by promoting Movember on his newest mask. By doing this, you can’t help but admire and enjoy what is surely to come of it.

We’ve seen a lot of unique goalie masks in our day, especially from Hiller, but this might trump them all. It’s not only different, but it is hilarious as well.

Yes, what you see here is the complete opposite of Hiller’s most recent black matted mask. With a white matted base, this design has black and white photos of all the Anaheim Ducks players scattered around it…and they all have their own unique moustaches. There’s one on Teemu Selanne, Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan, George Parros, Dan Ellis, and yes, even Hiller himself.

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