Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Carter Hutton 2016-17 Mask

Carter Hutton of the St. Louis Blues (born December 19, 1985 in Thunder Bay, ON.)

Artist: Jesse Acciacca of Jesse's Custom Designs

Hutton's 1st mask of the season:


Hutton's Mask Has Two-Sided Design

"The vicious skull side is just creativity at its finest - not much story to it other than it looks awesome. But the white hand-painted-Blue-Note-and-tear-drop side is a tribute to former Blues goalie Ed Staniowski, who first suited up for the club in 1975. 
"It's very unique," Hutton said of this year's design.
But what about the back plate?
"There's a fish, because every summer, I have a fish derby back home with some friends and that fish is on the T-shirts we made," Hutton said. "That's a tribute to my friends and family back home, something to reminde me of where I came from."

Hutton's 2nd mask was for the Winter Classic was a tribute to the St. Louis Cardinals:

Autographed by Ozzie Smith on the back plate.

It seems he also had a tribute mask he wore with their throw-back uniforms.

And it seems he finished the season with this 4th mask:

I could only find a graphic for the yellow pads on Pads Tracker.

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