Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Robin Lehner 2016-17 Mask

Robin Lehner of the Buffalo Sabres (born July 24, 1991 in Gothenburg, Sweden.)

Artist: David Gunnarson

It seems that Lehner wore the new mostly white mask at the beginning of the season, had the Military Appreciation Night one for November 11th, then at the end of December switched to last season's mask?

Does anyone know why? Was there a problem with the white one?

This is the first mask of the season: Gunnarsson said, "It was very exciting to create Robin Lehner's @buffalosabres mask only with a sketch pen."

According to the photos I found the last time he wore that mask in a game was December 23, 2016. Then in the December 27, 2016 game he was back to last year's:

He also had a Military Appreciation mask for the November 11th game:

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