Saturday, November 28, 2015

Karri Ramo 2015-16 Mask

Karri Ramo of the Calgary Flames (born July 1, 1986 in Asikkala, Finland.)

Ramo has two masks this season. As far as I can tell the artists are the same for both masks.

Mask Designer: Marcus Power Design
Mask Artist: Jason Livery of Head Strong Grafx

This seems to be the one he wears with his home uniforms (usually? - the bottom photo is contrary to that.) 

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  1. Based purely off Ramo's choice (and neither HeadStrongGrafix-the artist who made both masks-nor the Flames have released anything to confirm nor deny this claim), the mask with the skulls-as of 12/29-is the primary mask, with the other one a backup mask.