Saturday, January 17, 2015

Eddie Lack 2014-15 Mask

Eddie Lack of the Vancouver Canucks (born Jan 5, 1988 in Norrtalje, Sweden)

Artist: David Gunnarsson (designed by fan, Justin Mo, a 14 year old from Vancouver.)

"The design is a tribute to Eddie´s home in Canada and his heritage of Sweden.” Well, we couldn’t think of a better combination! Set against the mountains of Vancouver, the classic Johnny Canuck ‘V’ logo dominates the left side of the mask with a clean, chrome finish. Within the V, the peaks of waves sparkle and roll. 
The lines moving down to the chin of the mask mesh Vancouver and Sweden wonderfully, as the small Canucks whale is imprinted alongside the Tre Kronor of Sweden. Lack’s number 30 sits just below the cage in a metallic, loopy font. Above the cage, a frosty “Canucks” is written into the mountain landscape.

Lack used 3 sets of pads this season.

This is the set he finished the season with.

This was the 2nd set.

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker 

And these are the pads he began the season with.

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