Friday, April 18, 2014

Dustin Tokarski 2013-14 Mask

Duston Tokarski of the Montreal Canadiens (born Sept 16, 1989 in Humboldt, SK.)

Tokarski started 3 games in March 2014 (one of those being a shutout against Buffalo.)

Tokarski's nickname is Tic, so he goes with The Tick on his masks.

Artist: David Arrigo

The parameters for the mask were simple: maintain The Tick imagery and use a simple clean design.  The overall theme is retro, the minimal use of colour gives it a throwback feel to the earliest styles of goalie masks.
For imagery, on one side are the various logos that have been worn by the historic Montreal Canadiens franchise.  On the other side, is the funniest superhero ever, The Tick.  For this graphic The Tick is breaking through the helmet ready with his Habs power ring, ready to “Goalkeep safely!”

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker

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