Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reto Berra 2013-14 Mask

Reto Berra of the Calgary Flames Colorado Avalanche (born January 3, 1987 in Bulach, Switzerland.)

Berra was traded to Colorado in March.

On April 8th the Avs twitter account tweeted this photo of Berra's new mask. This is the only photo I have right now. 

Artist: Airxess

Artist: Airxess

Thanks so much to "johnnyeight08" for the artist information and links (see the comment below, there is a video about the making of this mask.)

From the Goalie Guild's PadsTracker


  1. Berta's mask is made by Airxess of Switzerland (same company that makes Hiller's mask) the model being the RXS Daytona '68 Custom Pro and the paint job is a result of him not being sure where he was to play this season, hence the Flames logo on one side and the Heat logo on the other side.

    The Making of Berra's Mask (in Swiss German)

    Airxess website

    Hope these links help and work :-)

    1. Thanks again for all the information! I really appreciate it.