Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jason LaBarbera 2013-14 Mask

Jason LaBarbera of the Edmonton Oilers Chicago Blackhawks (born Jan. 18, 1980 in Burnaby, BC.)

LaBarbera was traded to Chicago in December. I don't believe he made any starts for Chicago, but was the back-up for at least a couple of games. He spent most of his time after the trade with the Rockford Icehogs of the AHL.

His artist was again David Arrigo.

I'm not able to save the photos from his site, so click there to see other images. This one was tweeted so could be saved.

This was the only photo I found of  him with his Chicago gear. The other game he was still wearing Oilers gear.

His Edmonton gear is below.

Artist: David Arrigo

From the artist:

Upon hearing LaBarbera was joining a new team and getting a new paint job for his mask, CM Punk called both LaBarbera and myself out over Twitter asking to be included.  I for one was not going to be the person telling CM Punk otherwise.
With CM Punk featured on one side of the mask, the other side is guarded by the lead of Metallica, Sir James Hetfield.  The images are my caricature renditions of these celebs.
There are a number of paint techniques used on this mask to create gradients and depth.  To make the colours really pop I used metallics and subtly camouflaged the Oilers logo along the chin lines of the mask.

From The Goalie Guild's PadsTracker

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