Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scott Clemmensen 2012-13 Mask

Scott Clemmensen of the Florida Panthers (born July 23, 1977 in Des Moines, IA.)

Artist: Mark Hart of Hart Designs

Clemmensen switched to a new mask partway through the season. It's in the photo on the left.

Article about his first mask at InGoal Magazine:

Florida goaltender Scott Clemmensen is taking Panthers fans to “Margaritaville” with a tribute to musician Jimmy Buffet on his new mask, including a nod to an album that featured that famous song on one side, and a parrot on the backplate.
The compass on the left side of the mask is in reference to the cover for Buffett’s 1977 “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” album, which included “Margaritaville,” and the parrot on the back references the “Parrotheads” nickname given to the singer’s loyal followers. It seems Clemmensen is among them.

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