Friday, November 30, 2012

Cam Ward 2012-13 Mask

Cam Ward of the Carolina Hurricanes (born Feb. 29, 1984 in Saskatoon, SK.)

Artist: Steve Nash of Eyecandyair

From InGoal MagazineWhile there aren’t a lot of drastic changes from the last iteration of Ward’s Black Beard mask, there are a few significant and other subtle alterations.

Perhaps most noticeable among the design differences from the 2010-11 lid is the fact Black Beard is no longer throwing balls of glowing fire. Ward has also added the words “Hurricanes” under the cage on the forehead, and he turned up the amount of what EYECANDYAIR calls “Maximum Bling,” with the shinning silver backdrop sharply offsetting both his “WARDO” nickname on the chin, and the swirling Hurricane take on his No. 30 that runs on the top of the mask.

Ward also went to a Vaughn mask, as indicated on the forehead, matching the goalie equipment he has always worn.

Like a lot of goalies, Ward used the backplate for personal references, highlighted by a cross with his grandfather’s initials inside, as well a Stanley Cup, green clover, the words “Have Fun” and a stork flying in the moonlight.

This is the template found at The PadsTracker, but I think he's changed pads since the beginning of the season.

This is the most recent photo of his pads (from early February.)

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