Thursday, September 20, 2012

Viktor Fasth 2012-13 Mask

Viktor Fasth of the Anaheim Ducks (born Aug 8, 1982 in Kalix, Sweden)

Artist: David Gunnarsson

Viktor Fasth might have the record for the most masks so far in this short season. David Gunnarsson unveiled a new mask in early March, Mr. Bane Duck.

With this Anaheim Ducks mask on Viktor is transformed into a badass Duck, just as on his previous Ducks masks,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook Page. “On those masks the duck used an old school mask … Now he have removed the old school mask, and put on the cruelest mask ever, the Bane mask! 

In February 2013 Dave introduced a new version of Viktor's Freaky Duck Mask...pretty similar to the one in September, but a few changes here and there.

Article found here.

This is a recent photo of his mask, but you'll note the cage is all white now.

Below is the mask he began the season with.

With this mask on, Viktor transforms into Mr Freaky Duck Goalie….!

His head turns into a duck head, and it is a real badass duck, and a goalie duck… :-) As you can see he wears an old school Ducks mask, but the mask is totally shot into pieces... The duck even has a bad swelling on the top of his head after all the hits... and a tooth is flying, and much, much more... I love to create details. :-)

I´ve been painting for Viktor for more than a decade, and the new mask is very different from what me and Viktor have done before, but not in one way…. cause this new mask is back to basic, a continuation of the very first mask I painted for Viktor... I remember it very well, it was back in the 90s, I had my shop in my mom and dad´s house in Norra Ljunga, and Viktor was a young kid goalie and he and his father came to me with his mask. Then we transformed the mask into a badass wolverine... :-) Viktor, it´s awesome to paint for you, good luck in the NHL!



  1. Looks like a Ducks version of Rinne's but it is very weird to see a 2 colored cage.

    1. I thought the same thing about it looking like the Rinne mask. And I have to admit somehow in my rush to post masks, I didn't even notice the 2-colored cage! Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. That 2-colored cage is really cool :-D

    Like his mask, even if it's a copy of Rinne's mask.

    1. Exactly. Nothing wrong with having a mask that looks like someone else's, if you really liked that mask. Maybe he's a big Rinne fan. :)

    2. It's the same painter. Maybe he just asked for something like this and the painter used his work for Rinne as a reference.