Sunday, August 19, 2012

Richard Bachman 2012-13 Mask

Richard Bachman of the Dallas Stars (born July 25, 1987 in Salt Lake City, UT.)

Artist: David Gunnarsson

2/17/13: Bachman is wearing a new mask, article here.

From InGoal Magazine

From Dave: "Richard and I made a lot of thinking and brainstorming for this artwork. It is a tribute to Stephen King, because he sometimes also uses the name Richard Bachman when he writes.To make it even more scary we decided to use only one color all over the mask, and it is all painted in a scary mix of calm paint and an uncomfortable feeling all over the mask. It is all created with old school airbrush paint mixed with oil paint tech.The left side has just an evil sinister feeling, and if you look close into the star you find the same carpet as in the hotel! On the right side we present the rage.

In addition to the more easily recognizable characters from The Shining, including Jack Nicholson, on the mask’s right side, Gunnarsson integrated more subtle references on the left portion of the mask, even working the patterns from the carpet in the hotel featured in The Shining with the star of the Dallas Stars logo to create a “sinister feeling.”

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