Friday, December 23, 2011

Carey Price 2011-12 Mask

Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens (born Aug. 16, 1987 in Anahim Lake, BC.)

Price's Clorox Design Contest Mask found here.

Price started wearing a new mask on March 10th.  David Gunnarsson painted this mask for Carey, not David Arrigo who has painted Price's previous masks.

"Carey had such an excellent idea. He wanted to do a tribute design to the golden torch that is brought out in the playoffs in Montreal, to signify the passing of the torch from the old players to the new. And with this he wanted a lot and lot of sweet chrome effects."

On February 19, 2012, Price wore a mask in the game vs. New Jersey that article David Arrigo called a "concept mask." Here's what he had to say about it:

"When I met with Carey this year we threw around some concepts for a new mask and I agreed to create a concept mask incorporating these ideas (and not thinking it would be worn). The objective was to work on some new techniques and patterns which would be evolved for his full-time replacement mask.

To my surprise, on Sunday’s game vs. the Devils of New Jersey, the mask that I spent less than two days on (including clear coating) was being worn in the Bell Centre. Needless to say there are some rough edges to this mask that would not be there if I had known this mask would have made an appearance in Prime Time.

This mask continues with the cowboy theme and integrates Native Indian elements, paying homage to Price’s ancestry from Anahim Lake."

Artist: David Arrigo

Carey has worn two special masks this season so far. He wore a Breast Cancer Awareness Mask in October that was then auctioned off for charity. Then in November he wore a Rembrance Day Mask that was also auctioned for charity.
Outside of those two months, he seems to be wearing the same rodeo-themed mask as last season (until late February, see above.)

Thanks to the reader who commented with the link to Facebook with what seems to be a new mask Price is breaking in. Still a rodeo-themed mask, but it seems to be slightly different. Check it out.

December13, 2011

Graphic courtesy of The Goalie Guild


  1. I think that he is breaking in a new mask for 2012, here's the link if you want to take a look.

  2. Thanks very much! We'll probably see that one soon.