Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mike McKenna 2010-11 Mask

Mike McKenna of the New Jersey Devils (born April 11, 1983 in St. Louis, MO.)

McKenna was called up and has played one game on 11/20/10 so far.
Edit on 12/3/10: McKenna has now played in 2 games. He came in for 58 minutes of the game against Montreal on 12/2/10. With Brodeur still injured, he might be getting some more playing time. I found out today that he played right here in Springfield, IL for the Jr. Blues in 1999-2000.

 The Goalie Guild describes his mask as his “Liberty and Prosperity” mask from Daveart Designs. Both sides feature smoking New Jersey Devils’ logos over red, black, and white racing stripes (McKenna is a big racing fan). Very hard to notice, but all over the mask are tiny, almost holographic Devils’ logos that add a very unique twist to the mask. The words “Liberty” and “Prosperity” (New Jersey’s state motto) sandwich the year number “1776″ for a little patriotism on the chin. The black cat-eye cage fits well, while the backplate features a little white cartoon character with a halo with a checkered and American flag behind him."

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